Tareq Taylor has been running Kockeriet since 2014. The level of ambition has been gradually increased and today, Kockeriet is a gastronomic house with the raw material in focus.

In the dining room we pay tribute to the gastronomy and craftsmanship. We see ourselves as a playground for people who can appreciate a restaurant. A place where both guests and staff create the atmosphere together. And we want to tell the story behind everything we do.


Tareqs words: “Raise the level of ambition, become a gastronomic house, craftsmanship in the center, the raw material in focus, to pay homage to what has created me. The love of food, the love of everything.”


Our key words: “Pride, passion, respect and honor. We are safe and secure in what we do.”


We have a close collaboration with Hvilan in Åkarp, where our garden that we grow vegetables and pick up crops, is located. We buy high quality meat from local breeders. Processing always takes place in our kitchen.