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Tareq is one of Swedens most prominent chefs. He has been seen in the prestigious television programs Tareq Taylors Nordic Cookery (BBC / TV4), Trädgårdstider (SVT), and Lyckomaten (SVT). Tareq won Kockarnas kamp 2017 (TV4) and was awarded “Best ambassador of Malmö” the same year. He cooked for the television program Stjärnorna på slottet in both 2018 and 2019. Tareq has written many cookbooks and hold popular and appreciated lectures. More about Tareq here.



Tareq develops his own brand, by Tareq Taylor. In the fall of 2019, the first cookbook was published, Tareq Taylor Favoriter. Tareq will also develop the best kitchen utensils on the market and in 2020 the first products in the series will be launched.

Tareq is also a co-owner of Maten é klar in Lund, which delivers daily fresh dishes prepared from the ground up. All dishes must meet the reuirements for nutritious food for children, adults and the elderly (now available in most stores in the Skåne region).